Reade from Reade’s Weeds was the lucky winner of the recent Treadlie magazine Subscription Prize Competition – he won a brand new Yuba Kombi cargo bike! Here he is outside Cargocycles picking up his new ride.
(Treadlie Magazine is for bike lovers, would-be bike lovers and those that appreciate great bike design – a magazine devoted to culture, fashion and design; and Cargocycles fave mag of course)

Reade runs an edible weed and foraging* tour company so will be able to put his bike to good use. With a basket up front and room for a passenger or a box on the back, they’ll be much room for his mushrooms. (sorry, so obvious). The Yuba Kombi is the newest bike in the Yuba fleet and is proving super-popular among urban Melbourne families. The Kombi combines the best bits of Yuba cargo bikes with a lightweight compact frame that is surprisingly affordable.

With the addition of some Yuba accessories, the Kombi can carry two kids on the back too.

IMG 2563

*If you aren’t familiar with the concept of foraging – there are plenty of edible weeds, exotic and native herbs, greens, blackberries and mushrooms growing in forests and public places in Australia. Some are used by innovative chefs and people who want to dine on the wild side, supplement their home supply of veg with foraged greens. Of course, it’s tricky to identify what is safe and what is toxic – especially regarding mushrooms as some are deadly. Reade’s Weeds run dedicated walks and tours on the Mornington Peninsula and attend markets and events sharing knowledge about wild foods.

Find out more about the new awesome Yuba Kombi cargo bike here!
Or drop into Cargcocycles shop in East Brunswick for a test ride.