Great news! Our best-selling electric Yuba models are back in stock in limited numbers – so come in, test ride and reserve yours now!

The Yuba Supercargo CL

Electric front loader powered by Cargo Line Bosch motor

Previously known as the Supermarché, this hard-working and responsive cargo bike is available in orange or black. Designed for active families and small businesses alike, the Supercargo fits nearly every rider thanks to a low step-through frame with an adjustable stem and seat post.

Easy to load cargo + lowest centre of gravity

The front loader frame design – shown here with the Open Loader cargo carrier accessory on the front – makes it the easiest cargo bike to load gear, kids or bulky items. Its two 20” wheels give the bike a low centre of gravity – making it easy to handle on flat surfaces, around turns or up hills.

BOSCH Cargo Line Cruise Motor + PowerPack 500 Battery

The Bosch brand is known for producing high-quality products, and are leaders in the world of electric bikes. This bike comes equipped with BOSCH’s latest cargo-specific motor and a battery that can handle up to 90 kms on a single charge.

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The Yuba Kombi E5

Electric long-tail cargo bike in orange!

The Kombi E5 offers an ideal and practical e-bike which adapts to all needs and budgets. The model for city peeps who want to try the cargo adventure, but with a smooth ride!

Stable sturdy and compact

The Kombi E5’s two 24″ wheels with Maxxis 2.5 tyres and a Chromoly steel frame offers excellent handling. The Shimano Alivio hydraulic brakes and Shimano 11-36 Altus 9-speed derailleur give the Kombi E5 a quality ride that provides a sense of security, even when the bike is loaded.

Compact and nimble

Capable of carrying up to 200 kgs, the Kombi E5 stacks right up against the rest of the Yuba family. Powered by a Shimano Steps E5000 motor and a 418 Wh battery it can easily accompany any urbanites through their daily adventures.

Awesome accessories

The rear loading space is compatible with the majority of Yuba add-ons, so the frame of the Kombi E5 can be easily adapted to fit your needs; children, adults, panniers. You can put 2 Yepp seats for toddlers, Monkey Bars for the bigger ones and a Pop Top for the rainy days.

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