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Here are our tips to help protect your precious cargo bike or e-bike from theft.

Have you ever wondered what this cargo bike thing is all about but want to hire a bike to see if you like it? Do you want to check to see how a cargobike will fit in your shed or down your path? Well now you can. Cargocycles have an excellent range of cargo bikes [...]

At Cargocycles, we have a range of e-bikes to suit your needs; from your stylish commuter and weekend cruiser, to heavy cargo transporters and all terrain machines. Our e-bikes provide between 200 and the Australian legal maximum of 250 watts of power to either a front or rear mounted in-hub motor.   The top speed [...]

How much does it cost to charge an e-bike? So you bought your dream electric bike and you are curious about what it is costing to charge it. How does this compare to catching the bus, train or driving your car? It's pretty cheap and we based this calculation on an average small ebike battery [...]

Adapt to the cargo bike lifestyle in 7 easy steps Several of Australia's large cities, like Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane have major traffic congestion problems. Cargo Bikes can help especially with journeys under 3km. Melbourne is one of the luckier large cities, with loads of dedicated bike paths and trails in and around the city. Yet [...]

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