Testimonial - Briony Jarmyn

August 20, 2012

Hi Gary – just thought you might be curious as to how we are going with the new wheels. We are loving it! Thanks for all the help and we will be passing on the word!!!

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Testimonial - Steve Barker

March 5, 2012

Just wanted say how much I appreciated all the work you did to my bike. The Solar electric kit is working extremely well and is an absolute joy to use on my rides to/from work. I would highly recommend the kit and your excellent service to anyone. Kind regards, Steve

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Testimonial - Andrew Ashton

August 8, 2011

Being a keen cyclist, when we had our little baby boy, we spent the first 10 months of his life researching ways for moving him on a bike. We settled on a bike trailer and used it extensively from when he was one year old to when he was two. Then we decided to get […]

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Ride on Magazine Review

July 7, 2011

RideOn-JUN11-Zeit-Bikes Ride on Magazine recently reviewed one of our Zeitbikes Longhaul bikes and gave it an 86% rating. You can download and read the review here and check out Ride On magazine here.

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Testimonial - Lloyd in Foster

March 27, 2009

Copied from Lloyd’s blog, South Gippsland Futures, with permission. I’ve been minimising my car use lately and riding the Cargo Cycle between our nursery, our house and my factory. It’s a stretch of fairly flat road so it’s easy going on the big bike. I made the mistake of cutting across the golf course to […]

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Testimonial - Sanne in Mackay

December 20, 2008

The bike is used here on a daily basis. The kids love it. Our nanny has no drivers license yet, so it’s an ideal combination.

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