The German-made super-compact cargo bike.

The Muli sets new standards in compact cargo bikes. With a length of only 195cm, it’s just the same length as a normal bicycle. But the large 100-litre basket can be folded down to a width of only 28 cm. The Muli is both a cargo bike and an everyday bike in one!

German-made but available in Australia

The manufacturing and the entire business model of muli-cycles is committed to the ideal of sustainability. That’s why they deliberately produce their bikes in Germany, without compromise. 100 per cent of the production of the Muli – from frame manufacture to powder coating and final assembly – takes place in Germany. They also rely on local suppliers. This enables us to guarantee fair working conditions and high environmental, social and quality standards.

Muli is leading the way in sustainable bike manufacturing with their bike frames made from green recycled steel. The raw material of their frame tubes consists of 100% scrap metal that is melted in an electric arc furnace (powered by electricity from renewable sources) with 90% less energy demand than conventional blast furnaces.

They are great bikes and we have them here in Australia in limited numbers – we are doing our very best to keep the pricing down given their provenance.

They are heaps of fun to ride and with the Pendix Electric system or the new Muli with Shimano Steps E6100 motor model, they become a powerful transport tool to let you live car-free or car-light even if you live in an apartment. 

Perfect for:

  • Travelling to work and dropping children on the way
  • Transporting your dog
  • Supermarket trips
  • When you need a cargo bike but a full-sized cargo bike is too big
  • Taking on public transport
  • When you need to fit your bike in a lift
  • Taking on holiday by car (fits on car racks easily)
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