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Yuba Mundo

Replacing your second car and becoming more realistic about your needs?  Do you simply need to carry the shopping, do the school run, take a weekend bike ride along a river trail or even operate a business…. If answering ‘Yes!’ to any of these, the Yuba Mundo is your cargo bike solution.  Weighing in at 22 kg with a load bearing capacity up to 250 kg and plenty of amazing accessories, your opportunities are almost limitless.  Adaptable to your family’s or business’s growth, the unisex Mundo is one extremely strong, versatile and comfortable ride.

If ever there was a down side to this gem, passenger cargo will have to face your back.

Yuba Boda Boda

You’re an urban leisure cyclist; going to market, picnicking in the park or planning to transport a little passenger around – four legged or two…  Would you like the ability to carry stuff, yet maintain your demure? …then we recommend the Boda Boda.  Withstanding up to 150 kg of cargo, you can fit a child seat or panniers, do the shopping for your small family, or simply cruise the streets in comfort – upright and smiling.  This is a cruiser – not a racer, so the pace is leisurely, and best thing; most Mundo accessories are compatible with the Boda frame.

As with the Mundo, anyone enjoying a free ride on your Boda, will be facing your back.

YUBA BodaBoda

Box bikes

Need a people mover and don’t mind turning a few heads at the same time?   Want to do your bit to reduce motor vehicle traffic? …then the romance of riding a Dutch styled box bike is for you. Epitomising European attitude, these box bikes allow rider and passengers to experience the same view whilst encouraging conversation at the same time – arriving to school will never be so much fun!  A little tricky to get the hang of initially, both the Zeitbike Longhaul and Shorthaul become second nature soon enough and are actually easier to ride the more weight you have in them – lowers the centre of gravity you see!  Did we mention they are great for delivery vehicles?

Although great fun, they’re not designed for hilly environments unless equipped with an electric conversion system.

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    Babboe Mini Cargo Bike

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