On a mission to check out new stuff in the local community, Alistair from Cargocycles popped down to East Brunswick Village (EBV for short) – our new local supermarket/sustainable urban living development on Nicholson street East Brunswick on the Yuba Electric Supermarché – and had an impromptu photoshoot while he was there.

Alistair shop
Cargocycles new stylish model – the Yuba Electric Supermarché

East Brunswick is only 5km from the Melbourne CBD so there are lots of cyclists who commute to the city and use the nearby Capital City Trail so naturally EBV is more bike-friendly than a lot of other retail/apartment developments. Car traffic was not that noticeable (actually in the middle of lockdown, but fingers crossed this continues) and cyclists don’t have to cross a massive car park to access bike parking – it’s the first thing you come to off the main road. Heaps of bike parking was available at the shops’ entrances and there were other bike-riding locals and school-aged kids safely coming and going. So a thumbs up from Al.

As its name suggests the Yuba Electric Supermarché was the perfect bike for Alistair’s lunchtime dash to the supermarket. Equipped with a Bosch Performance Line 250W motor, there was no need to break a sweat and he was back at work in plenty of time. There was also heaps of room for extra dinner groceries in the ‘Open Loader’ the lightweight, collapsible cargo bag mounted on the front cargo rack. It’s designed with kids in mind and is a lightweight alternative to a front box. *Open Loader is sold separately
Check out the Yuba Electric Supermarché here.
Learn more about East Brunswick Village here 

Funny who you meet at the shops – Gary on an e-bike too