You may have heard of a ‘bug-out kit’ – a bag/pouch/vehicle/bunker where you have a small stash of tools/food to quickly run away from things like world calamities, wars, zombies, flat earthers, gun nuts or liberal politicians.

But how about a bug out bike? Something big enough to carry supplies, a toddler and the odd katana – but tough enough to ride in the bush?

If you’re after a rugged all round cargo bike that you can take off road, then meet the Boda Boda All-Terrain, from Yuba bikes. From its chunky knobbly tires to its tough aluminium frame, this is definitely the cargo bike you need to escape the hoard.

While waiting for the apocalypse though, you can easily take the Boda Boda All-Terrain on a weekend trail ride or bikepackingwith the littlies with ease.

One of the biggest problems that cargo bikes solve is the carrying of children and well, cargo. But while there are plenty of cargo bikes that can easily take children around urban and suburban streets, very few of these will move well in an off-road environment. So much so that some parents actually give up trail riding or mountain biking once they buy the ‘station wagon’ bicycle.

This is exactly the problem that the Boda Boda All-Terrain solves. The bike is designed from the ground up to be a capable off road bike while still having impressive cargo space. Subtle details such as a lowered rear deck and higher than average ground clearance to help navigate trails and the urban jungle.

Let’s check out some of the features of the bike:

Its all aluminium frame means that the the bike is both tough enough to be thrown around a trail, but light enough to be carried on a range of racks. The frame only comes in ‘tactical’ black, matching its mission ready aesthetic.

It features hydraulic disc brakes which provide excellent stopping power and won’t get clogged up with dirt and grime from the trail.

The wheels, tyres, saddle and grips are all from the tough and durable Wilderness Trail Bikes (WTB) company. Quality components can mean the difference between an excellent trail session with the toddler or a really long walk back to the carpark.

The bike can take riders from between 1.45m to 1.85m and up to 100kg. And features wide range gearing to allow for more freedom both on and off the trail.

Though it is more of a compact cargo bike, the Boda Boda All-Terrain still boasts some impressive cargo features such as:

  • Seating for 2 on the standard setup
  • Space for a child seat and pannier bags
  • Monkey bars and a seat that allows for 2 toddlers (total of 3 passengers)
  • Front mounted Breadbasket for even more storage.

There are a range of accessories that really expand the features of the bike:

  • Hold on bars (for gnarly sections)
  • Foot pegs
  • Bamboo running boards
  • Dynamo wheel lights
  • Kick stands
  • Custom designed pannier bags

Right off the showroom floor, the bike is ready to go off-road. But with a few tasteful upgrades, it can slay the concrete jungle as well.

So whether you’re cycling away from the hoard or towards a late appointment, the Boda Boda All-Terrain could be just the bike you’re looking for.

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