We’ve heard lots of reports of cargo bike and e-bike thefts recently in Melbourne so thought we’d give you some tips to help keep your precious ride safe and sound.

Lock it up – every time (even at home)

Invest in a D-lock when out and about or a high-security chain lock (like HipLok or VAULT brand) when leaving your bike at home or for a longer period. Solid metal D-locks are hard to cut through and are better than cable locks. Remember to connect both your frame and a wheel to the bike rack (especially if you have a quick-release wheel) – even two locks may be necessary.

Ask the Cargocycles team about bike locks – we have several different styles in the shop to suit all bikes and budgets.

Bike theft from homes

We have heard people are leaving larger box bikes on a porch or verandah overnight unlocked – aaagh, don’t do that! Bike thefts have been occurring from down the side of houses, from backyards, inside apartment block garages and front porches. Larger box bikes have been stolen from front verandahs too – so size is not deterring thieves. Theft has also been happening while you’re at home (scary).

A few cyclists have even leant their bike against the front fence while taking kids in from the baby seat and have returned less than a minute later to find an opportunist thief has knocked off their bike.

Always lock your bike at home and don’t let people follow you through the entrance or lobby door if you live in an apartment.

Choose bike hoops when locking up bikes on public streets

Do not lock your bike up to regular street poles like a Stop sign or Give way sign – these can be easily removed by thieves. Choose in-ground or bolted-down bike hoops instead.

Locking a Pendix powered bike

If your bike is fitted with a Pendix system you can lock it up too! There is a withdrawable safety lock located on the lower section of the battery. If you don’t want to take your Pendix battery with you, pull out the U-bolt and pass a suitable bicycle lock through it, securing it to the bike frame and parking hoop. This will secure the battery firmly onto your bicycle.

Record your bike’s serial number

A bicycle’s serial number is usually located on the frame near the pedals. Record it, and keep it somewhere safe with some photos of your bike (and receipt if possible)

Engrave your driver’s licence number on the frame

Engrave the letter ‘V’ (for Victoria) followed by your driver’s licence number on the frame. If stolen and recovered police are able to return your bicycle using your licence details. If you don’t have a licence, use the licence of a relative or a friend. Some Police stations or schools offer engraving as part of a community event – check the socials in your area.


PropertyVAULT via the BikeVAULT website is recognised by the cycling community as the market-leading platform and specialist service to counter bike theft in Australia. PropertyVAULT has assisted victims and police in Australia in recovering hundreds of stolen bikes and other stolen property valued at more than $1.5 million. PropertyVAULT is a free database that allows you to register and report stolen bikes by accurately recording the identity and ownership of your bike in their private VAULT, which benefits from full lifecycle digital identification, provenance tracking and blockchain encryption.

A large percentage of theft is committed for financial gain by thieves and black-market traders (knowing handlers of stolen property) who profit from the sale of stolen property to unsuspecting purchasers. Breaking this illicit trade requires removing the ability of the perpetrators to sell the stolen property without fearing the asset being identified and them being caught and prosecuted by the police.

Identification is the KEY to combat profit-driven theft!

Check out VAULT Anti-theft solutions – (Quality bike locks, ID Kits & Air tags) in the Cargocylces store or learn more at the VAULT website here


Beautiful cargo bikes and electric bikes are a big investment so we recommend you get insurance – we recommend Velosure (we’re not affiliated, just like their insurance) check them out here…


Or check your home and contents insurance policy – your bike may be covered for theft or damage. Ask your insurance company for details.

Check out the Victoria Police bike security form here – fill it in and keep it handy