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Taxi models available in Australia

  • Triobike Taxi CL – BOSCH

  • Van Raam Chat Rickshaw

  • Triobike Taxi – BROSE


Cycling Without Age is a not-for-profit charity that privides free rides on trishaw ebikes, piloted by volunteer cyclists.

Cycling Without Age - Supported By Cargocycles

Cycling Without Age (CWA) is a worldwide movement that started in Denmark in 2012 that has brought the joy of cycling to thousands of people of all ages and abilities. A lack of mobility is no longer an obstacle to getting around on a bike – everyone can enjoy the outdoors, the wind in their hair and the immeasurable lifestyle benefits that only a bike can provide. Volunteer ‘pilots’ (cyclists) can take two elderly passengers in specially designed rickshaw-style cargo bikes (‘trishaws’) to local parks, scenic places or just down to the shops.

Cycling Without Age is a free initiative and provides you with the network, the knowledge and the training to get started whether you are an individual, a family member of an elderly person, or work for a Council, municipality or nursing home. CWA is about creating a multitude of new relationships: between generations, among the elderly, between pilots and passengers, nursing homes employees and family members.

Buy a Taxi trishaw through Cargocycles.

Several care homes around Australia already have Taxi Trishaws ready to take out their residents. Contact us if you want to find out more or test out one of the trikes in our store.

Cargocycles can arrange to ship a trishaw anywhere in Australia.

See which Trishaws are available in Australia here.

or contact Cargocycles.

Learn more about the parent Danish organisation Cycling Without Age here.

Learn more about the Australian Cycling Without Age here.

CWA Definition

Cycling Without Age is a not-for-profit charity that provides a community service by connecting those no longer able to ride for themselves with their community and the outdoors by giving them free rides on trishaw ebikes, piloted by volunteer cyclists.

What We Do

Our mission is to build bridges between generations and help prevent loneliness: we provide elderly people with an opportunity to avoid social isolation and remain active in their community by taking them out on bike rides and allow them to feel the wind in their hair!

Comments from passengers

Just a few comments from our thousands of passengers, elderly and/or disabled of all ages, demonstrate the life-enhancing difference that is being made by our chapters, our volunteers, our supporters and Cycling Without Age Australia itself:

“It was lovely to travel down the trails again that we knew so well from our earlier bike riding days! Very enjoyable ride and good company”

“It is one of the best birthday presents. All the kids wishing me a happy birthday as we went past! What a great start to my day”

“I was born in 1931. My wife is 84 and takes me to this place so she has a break. I loved the bike”

“Get out of being stuck in a room. I used to come down here with my parents to swim at Pt Walter. It has changed a lot.”

“Can you take me to China….I want to keep going and not get out!”

“Definitely a 10 out of 10. I’m going to see if my Grandson can come and take me out another time as I thoroughly enjoyed it”

“Both passengers were non-English speaking, but we got a version of “Very Good” (as interpreted by Care Staff) as well as gorgeous smiles and thumbs up.

“That was terrific. I used to ride my bike always on dust roads in Merredin. I rode 3 miles to school and back each day and to see my friends. I loved it”

“Lovely ride with my husband. We have been married 70 years – I am very patient!”


    • First trishaws in Australia in 2016
    • Cycling Without Age Australia incorporated as a registered charity in 2019
    • Operational Chapters = 35
      • independently governed = 20
      • governed by Cycling Without Age Australia = 15 
    • Number of Cycling Without Age Affiliates = 45
    • Number of volunteers = over 600
    • Oldest volunteer = 81 years
    • Oldest passenger = 107 years

Check out the Cycling Without Age Australia chapters around Australia.

Cycling Without Age - ACT
Cycling Without Age - NSW
Cycling Without Age - Victoria
Cycling Without Age - South Australia

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