Carry and commute on a life-changing Yuba cargo bike

A Yuba takes you from A to B, making you a more healthy and environmentally friendly citizen of the world, but with the added benefit of superior carrying capacity! A Yuba lets you carry practically anything – kids, dogs, boxes, shopping, surfboards – with different-sized bikes and endless configurations for creative schlepping. Learn more below and check out the range of Yuba bikes…

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Yuba Bikes are available at Cargocycles in Melbourne and via our stockists Australia-wide. We love them and know you will too. Experience the fun and freedom of an awesome Yuba bike customised just for you at Cargocycles!

Bosch and Shimano-powered electric cargo bikes

Yuba electric bikes come with high-quality components. Their bikes are defined by innovative, market-defining technology that is durable, reliable and built from quality materials – designed by adventurous, forward-thinking engineers. Yuba partner with Bosch and Shimano as they are experts in their niche, and provide reliable and safe motors for the world's best electric bikes.

Bikes that help reduce your carbon footprint

With more than 15 years of experience focused on designing and building cargo bicycles and accessories, Yuba is proud to support the worldwide growing community of cargo bike enthusiasts as they reduce their carbon footprint and realize a more economical and sustainable alternative to petrol-powered vehicles. Yuba is dedicated to helping change how the world commutes while carrying gear, people, pets and more.

Yuba is limiting its global carbon footprint by transforming the way they transport and travel. Yuba products are made from sustainable materials and are shipped using the most sustainable forms of transportation possible.

Check out the Yuba HQ website.

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    Yuba Fastrack Sample

  • Yuba Kombi Pendix

  • Yuba Supercargo (Supermarche)

  • Yuba Fastrack

  • Yuba Spicy Curry All Terrain

  • Yuba Mundo Electric – 10 Year Anniversary Special Edition

  • Yuba Spicy Curry

  • Yuba Kombi

  • Yuba Kombi E5 Electric Cargo Bike

  • Yuba Mundo Lux

  • Yuba Supercargo / Supermarche Pendix Electric

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    Yuba Supermarché