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Cargo bikes: designed for people who want to carry stuff on their bikes – groceries, bags, children or dogs.

A cargo bike is designed to carry kids or cargo, or both. Already popular in bike-friendly cities like Copenhagen and Amsterdam, cargo bikes are becoming more popular in Melbourne and are great for commuting, especially if you need to carry lots of stuff. Whether that’s two kids, a laptop and a bunch of heavy textbooks, a load of groceries or a dog – there comes a time when even the best quality panniers on a standard bike just can’t carry enough.

Cargo bikes are a fun, safe, affordable and environmentally-friendly transport option suitable for everyone. There are many types of cargo bikes for people or urban families who want to ditch the car or at least the second car – from utilitarian, mountain bike styles to uber-trendy Danish-designed three-wheeled cargo trikes complete with all-weather hoods and leather seats.

Different types of cargo bikes

Box bikes and box trikes: these are two-wheeled bikes or three-wheeled trikes with a large box up the front for kids, dogs or cargo – and are a little wider than a standard bike. If you live in the inner city you may have seen food delivery box bikes or couriers on cargo bikes.

Longtail cargo bikes: Similar to a regular commuter or mountain bike, these two-wheeled cargo bikes are longer and have space at the back for a child seat or bench seat for 2-3 kids (or an adult) on the back. They usually have the ability to have a large front basket that can carry loads too.

Electric cargo bikes: Perfect for riders who need to travel a bit further on their commute or want to carry heavier loads. A pedal-assist electric motor means there’s no need to wear lycra or take a change of clothes as you don’t need to break a sweat if you don’t want to. Most of our longtail bikes are fitted with Bosch or Shimano mid-drive motors as these are the biggest manufacturers in this space. We do also have some hub motor e-bikes which tend to be a little cheaper.

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Box cargo bikes

  • Triobike Boxter without seats

  • Christiania Trike Model Light – Sloped Box


Longtail cargo bikes:

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    Benno Boost EVO 4

    Original price was: $7,395.00.Current price is: $6,995.00.

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