The Legendary Danish cargo bike brand is available at Cargocycles in East Brunswick.

Danish Christiania tricycles have been produced and their design refined for more than 30 years.
The frame is a combination of aluminium for the rear section and steel for the front. The cargo box is built with 9mm thick environmentally friendly and waterproof plywood.
Christiania strives at all times to find the safest and most durable components. This makes Christiania Bikes sturdy, safe in traffic and usable all year round.

Why Christiania Bikes?

It is one of the most sensible ways to transport children on a bike over short distances:
• You are very visible on the road.
• The children are protected in the box.
• Cars leave more room when overtaking
• Being on three wheels, you never have to balance the bike with heavy loads in the front.
• A weekly grocery shop fits in the box without the need for zips and clips.
• The size will give you the confidence to ride assertively on the road, preventing cars from squeezing you towards the kerb

You can also use a Christiania tricycle as a small business delivery vehicle:

• No more parking fines
• Deliver right to the door even in busy city locations
• Very low running costs
• A great way to advertise your business with a van like exterior
• Riders don’t need a driving licence

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