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Cargocycles - e-Bikes and e-trike

Your friendly local bike shop

Cargocycles in Brunswick East has a full workshop for repair and servicing of cargo and electric bicycles. Our four-strong service team features a dedicated and passionate group of trained and verified bicycle and electric bike mechanics. Importantly, the team are all Melbourne locals, keen cycle commuters and cargo bike owners. Our workshop specialises in cargo and electric bikes, and custom-made engineering solutions for accessible cycling. We’ve even added electric-assist to a 90-year-old rickshaw.

Assessing your bike

Tuning / Tweaking electronics on Yuba Spicy Curry

We are happy to assess your bike for free and we can sometimes offer a loan bike for pre-booked services. All of our team are passionate cyclists who want to keep every Melbourne cyclist rolling on their chosen steed. You won’t find any bike shop attitude here – if you need advice feel free to ask, we are happy to help.

High quality parts used for repairs

We provide high-quality service parts from Shimano, SRAM and many other local specialist suppliers, plus we have a huge inventory so usually minimal wait times apply for parts-sourcing. We are service agents for Bosch and Shimano electric bikes as well as the smaller brand names that we sell in our shop. We can service internal hubs from Shimano, Sram and Rohloff.

We have a highly technical team so we are happy to try and fix your unbranded electric bike you bought hardly used from your Uber delivery friend but keep in mind the time it takes to diagnose and source parts can make it not worth pursuing but we’ll advise you honestly and do our best to get you powered up and rolling again.


Our dedicated workshop was built to manage the sometimes challenging nature of servicing bikes that are two metres long or have three wheels and a motor. We have designed and built mechanical lifts so that we can work on cargo bikes and trikes safely.


Parts and Accessories

We can fit your accessories and parts too. If you’ve bought them online we don’t mind, just bring it all in and we’ll give you a fixed price to assemble it and get it all up and running for you. Support your local bike shop and you’ll get 100% support from us, no matter what bike you ride or how you treat it. Uber riders, take note, if you can see sparks, it probably means the brakes need looking at ;).

All types of maintenance and service including electric bikes

We are happy to complete full services or a simple puncture repair. We will treat your bike with great care no matter what job needs completing. Bikes are really just machines. Efficient machines but they deserve proper care and attention. Regular servicing will help to keep them operating smoothly and reduce wear and tear.

Regular servicing will save you money in the long run and avoid big repair bills from prematurely worn out components. We see this a lot with heavily used bikes such as delivery bikes. Brake pads that have worn down to the backing plate will ruin the disc rotor where an earlier service would have avoided this.

We are open 6 days a week – closed Sunday. Saturday is often our busiest day so service on the day may not be possible but as always we’ll try our best to help especially if you are stranded with a flat tyre.

To book please call 03 9042 9058 or email us using the form below.

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