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Van Raam – Makes People Mobile

Van Raam produces unique special needs bicycles and disability bikes. Van Raam specialises in tricycles, scooter bikes, wheelchair bikes, tandem bikes, double rider bikes, and low step-through bikes. Each model is also available as an electric bike (Pedelec). Many of the electric models can reverse under motor power when you spin the pedals backwards.

Van Raam has been producing their unique range for over a decade. Produced in their own factory with about 130 employees, Van Raam produces Dutch quality bicycles, meant for adults and children with a physical disability, mobility or balance issues or for people who want more stability while cycling.

Van Raam custom-made

Each bicycle, from a straight tube to a complete end product, is produced by Van Raam itself. Therefore almost every stage of the production is monitored and adjusted if necessary. This is necessary, given the wide variety of personal applications and user preferences. Custom-made services are one of the core activities of Van Raam. For both, adults and children,  special bikes are being developed whereby much attention is paid to comfort, durability and design. The slogan ‘Van Raam makes people mobile’ is put into practice every day. Characteristics of this family business are the combination of high knowledge, quality workmanship along with accurately responding to contemporary developments. Van Raam uses modern equipment but is also not afraid to use ‘old-fashioned’ craftsmanship.

A Van Raam Tour

See how a Van Raam bike is made – this short video gives a brief glimpse into the process of building an adaptive bicycle.

Our Featured Van Raam Bikes

  • Van Raam Twinny Plus electric tandem

  • Van Raam Velo Plus

  • Van Raam OPair 3

  • Van Raam Fun2Go

  • Van Raam Easy Rider

  • Van Raam Viktoria Electric Trike

  • Van Raam Chat Rickshaw

  • Sale!

    Van Raam Go Cab

  • Van Raam Maxi Trike

  • Van Raam Balance E-Bike

  • Van Raam Easy Rider Junior / Small

  • Van Raam Easy Go


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