Cargocycles have several three-wheeled bikes in store – more commonly known as trikes! Available in different designs and prices, with or without electric assist. From trikes to carry multiple children to your favourite furry friend we have a solution and price point for all your three wheeled needs.

Stable and solid

Trikes are known for their stability and ease of riding and are super easy to get on and off – ideal for older riders or those with balance issues. With baskets or boxes as standard on trikes, you’ll have room for shopping, kids, a dog or even a passenger or two. Come in to chat with a Cargocycles staff member about your trike needs.


  • Christiania Mid-drive Pro X8 Model Light

  • Sale!

    Veloomi Caddi Electric Trike

  • Christiania Model Light – Pendix

  • Christiania Model S

  • Christiania Model Short

  • Sanitov MovE Cargo Ute Trike

  • Sale!

    Babboe Big Electric Cargo Bike

  • Van Raam Twinny Plus electric tandem

  • Babboe Curve Electric Cargo Bike

  • Babboe Transporter Electric Cargo Bike

  • Sale!

    Butchers & Bicycles MK1E Cargo Bike

  • Gomier Electric Cargo Trike