To celebrate 10 years of the Yuba Mundo in Australia, Cargocycles worked with Yuba to commission a special, limited edition, Australia only version of the best longtail cargo bike on the planet. With our own totally Oz commemorative artwork on it!

When we first started selling cargo bikes out of a small store in Collingwood, the Yuba Mundo revolutionised what was available in Australia. Customers embraced this unusual bicycle version of a packhorse and before we knew it, families were loading up their kids and hauling them all over the inner city, bypassing nightmarish car congestion and adding some Yuba fun into their commute. After 10+ years, we’re happy to say cargo bikes are everywhere and the Mundo is still one of our most popular bikes.

Featuring custom green and gold graphics and a cool gloss grey colour (thanks Audi), only 50 of these bikes will be available in Australia so get in quick. Unlike the early Mundo bikes that were pedal-powered only, this one gets a great big helping hand from a top-of-the-line Shimano EP8 motor!



Mid-Drive Shimano EP8 Motor + 504Wh Battery

The Mundo Electric Special Edition comes equipped with Shimano’s high-end EP8 mid-drive motor that can handle all types of terrain, and a battery that can be charged on or off the bike.

The motor is super light at only 2.6kg with a class-leading 85nm of torque. Compared to its predecessor the EP8 has 36% less drag and is a lot quieter too. It’s a great package for a hard-working cargo bike.

Read more on the Shimano website here.

Why we love the Mundo Electric

  • Massive load-carrying capability, 250kg total load, bring your partner and the kids.
  • Super strong and stiff cromoly frame thanks to the “Stay Steady” technology.
  • Go-Getter bags can carry two or more big supermarket bags on each side and one in the breadbasket – as much as a small family car.
  • Huge range of other accessories so the bike can last as your family grows, from baby seats to monkey bars to just a ring or a hold-on bar.

Included with the bike

  • Double kickstand
  • E-bike LED lights
  • Fenders + wheelskirts
  • Deflopilator
  • 2-year warranty

Find out more or order your Special Edition Mundo Electric here