The warranty offered on an electric bicycle is one of the most important things you need to know before making a purchase. A warranty shows that the seller is confident of their products and their ability to service those products. It shows that they are interested in selling a reliable product that will last a long time. But don’t forget to check how a warranty claim will be processed – where do you have to take your ebike and how long will it all take and what costs might you have to pay? What’s excluded, what is considered wear and tear, are there commercial warranties as well? And just as important – do the people there seem like they would know how to service it? Purchasing an electric bicycle from Cargocycles means that for the first 12 months, everything is covered and you’ll have the expertise in our shop to quickly deal with any issues. Depending on the product purchased, there are many warranties that extend beyond the first 12 months. Generally you have to register the warranty of your ebike so that we both have a record of when you bought it and where. Details follow.

Cargocycles Bicycle Service Warranty

A 12 month service and parts warranty applies to purchases of eZee bike and Wisper bikes from Cargocycles in Collingwood. In a nutshell this means that in the first 12 months you won’t pay a cent to keep your ebike running, other than the electricity to charge the battery. Bicycles that have been converted to electric bicycles using an eZeebike or Wisper electric bicycle conversion kit are only covered if the bicycle was purchased new from Cargocycles and the ebike conversion kit installation was carried out by us.
The service warranty includes a free 3 month mechanical service, and covers the cost of any replacement parts and repairs for 12 months. This means there is very little that can go wrong with your electric bicycle that can cost you any significant amount of money. The owner is responsible for bringing their electric bicycle to the store for warranties and taking it away again. Note also that it is a condition of this warranty that the 3 months service is carried out. Specifically, if we don’t see your bike in the first 4 months after purchasing it, the 12 month service warranty is forfeited, because a stitch in time saves nine…

eZeebike Warranties

All eZeebike electric bicycles, purchased from Cargocycles, come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Cargocycles or the distributor Glow Worm, with our assistance, is the agent for warranty claims.
The warranty covers all mechanical and electrical parts for 2 years, excluding wear and tear items. The battery, controller, motor and throttle are all covered for two years. Excluded items are things like brake pads, chains, tyres, pedals, gears and gear shifters. The full details of the warranty can be seen on Page 5 of eZeebike’s electric bicycle user manual, downloadable here.

Wisper Bike Warranties

Wisper warrants many of its parts beyond the first 12 months according to the table below. Cargocycles or your local Wisper dealer with our assistance, is the agent for these warranty claims. There are conditions and exceptions to these warranties. Please make yourself aware of these on the Wisper website. Please note that while a Wisper bicycle purchased from the Cargocycles store in Collingwood comes with the 12 month service warranty, your local Wisper dealer may offer a different service warranty or none at all. In all cases, the parts warranties listed below below are valid. You can register your Wisper warranty on Wisper’s website.

Component Warranty

1 The main frame Six years
2 Gears, bearings, motor shell, hub motor,front forks Two years
3 Handle bar controls, brakes (excluding brake shoes and pads) One year
4 Controller and Charger Two years
5 Battery casing, battery leak, battery capacity step-down more than 30% Two year
6 Paintwork (excluding deliberate or accidental damage) Two years
7 Front axle, flywheel or chain wheel One year
8 Electro plating, on wheel rims, rack and kickstand One year
9 Other cases that render the bike unsafe to use. By negotiation