The uses of a cargo bike are limited only by your imagination.

  • The cargo box has a bench seat with two harnesses, ideal for carrying one or two children (with cargo space to spare), in front of the rider where they can be seen and talked to. A cargo bike is ideal for the daily school run.
  • The cargo box is nearly the same size as a shopping trolley, making the cargo bike ideal for doing the weekly grocery shop. Cargo bikes are stable to ride with a load because the centre of mass is so low.
  • A cargo bike makes an eye catching publicity vehicle for any business that does local deliveries or other errands.
  • Personnel and equipment transport on large industrial work site, they make great work cycles.
  • Musicians (ever tried carrying your guitar or trombone on a bike?)
  • Sports equipment (ever tried carrying a set of golf clubs or cricket kit on a bike?)
  • Bike couriers, mail deliveries, paper routes…
  • Taking the kids for icecream!
  • One less car? With a cargo bike in your “fleet”, you may find you no longer need a second car in the family. You may find that you don’t need a car at all!