Check out this crazy sale Cargocycles has at the moment! Our ex-demo Ave Electric Bikes are massively discounted. They have only had the odd test ride and are only lightly used – really good condition.

Ride and Handling

Feel at home from the first pedal stroke of these AVE bikes. When you’re riding an AVE e-bike your mind is focused on the road ahead and the bike becomes part of your subconscious!

Durability and Performance

As a mode of transport e-bikes can’t afford the luxury of being highly strung race machines. Many AVE riders have clocked up enough kilometres each year on their bikes to circumnavigate the globe and rely on their e-bike as their only form of transport. Durability and performance are paramount. With high torque, hill climbing performance provided by BOSCH and Panasonic drive systems, combined with carefully selected components from market leaders in the e-bike industry, every AVE e-bike is engineered to give you peace of mind when it comes durability and reliability.

*Full 2 year Bosch warranty on motor.