Team Strib and Cycling Without Age Featured on ABC TV's 7:30 Report

Six young Danish blokes on their gap year from uni set out on an epic adventure when they recently rode from Newcastle to Tassie on trioBike Taxis to promote Cycling Without Age (CWA). CWA is a worldwide movement that started in Denmark in 2012 that has brought the joy of cycling to thousands of people of all ages and abilities. The program involves volunteer cyclist ‘pilots’ taking elderly passengers in specially designed rickshaw cargo bikes to local parks, scenic places or just down to the shops.

The guys from the town of Strib in southern Denmark popped into several communities and towns that are already getting about on the trioBike trishaws. They had a great time riding grateful passengers around country towns, met some real characters and immersed themselves in Aussie culture and spread a little bit of Danish 'Lykke' on the way (Danish for happiness, not butter) Rough country roads, sunburn and the odd brush with snakes and wildlife were all part of the fun.

Good work guys!

Check out some of their time in Melbourne - as covered by the 7:30 Report.