Boda-Zeit-Lite-bottle-battery   Boda-Zeit-LiteBoda-Zeit-Lite-display   Boda-Zeit-Lite-motor Introducing the new Yuba Boda Boda V3 with our super light Zeit Lite electric kit fitted. Weighing in at a dainty 21.25kg with the electric kit ready to roll. You can carry it upstairs without giving yourself a hernia yet it will power you comfortably at 25kmh. The secret lies in the stealthy battery. Housed in a stainless steel drink bottle the battery has decent 6.2ah or 9.3ah capacity. Enough to tame those loads and turn an already capable hauling beast into something you can ride further and faster with ease. You can remove the battery in seconds - just one plug, so you can carry the battery inside at work or home just like you would a normal drink bottle. A large LCD screen keeps you updated with speed, battery charge and you can select 1-3 levels of pedal assist from a simple control operated by your thumb. Available at Cargocycles HQ for test rides now. If you are buying a new Boda Boda V3 the 6.2ah unit adds $1199 to the cost so it is pretty good value too. (+$200 for the larger battery). Call us to discuss or drop in to see and ride this bike. Bring the kids!