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Cargo and E-bikes maintain happiness

In weather like this, a Norwegian saying comes to mind; ut på tur aldri sur - literally translated means; out on a walk, never sour - no matter the weather!  This approach to being in the outdoors in the upper reaches of the Northern Hemisphere is necessary due to the infrequent number of sunny days experienced on a whole, and cancelling an outing solely due to a little light rain is considered preposterous.

The word 'tur' is usually associated with anything leisure oriented in the outdoors, be that walking, berry picking, skiing, swimming, hiking and even cycling.

Down here at Cargocycles we have a few great box bikes that aim to keep your kiddies dry whilst you're ut på tur in this juicy weather - pop in for a test ride and some serious fun on either the Babboe City (on sale),  Longhaul or Shorthaul Zeitbikes.

Additionally, here are some northern advocates of cargo bikes with a zany quest, and a closer to home West Australian couple happy with their Solarbike conversion (great images Gareth)

Image:  Gareth

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