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The Christiania bike Model Light is a fantastic trike. For over 30 years it’s been the bestselling cargo bike in Denmark and for the last 15 the most popular and most sold cargo bike in Australia. It is super easy to ride and the box in the front easily adapts to almost any family configuration or situation, no matter if it is accommodating twin babies, transporting adults, transporting 4 kids and dogs or simply having a spot for the children to hang out and have fun. It is so much more than a mode of transport, it instantly becomes a new lifestyle and a vehicle for adventures and expeditions. A very big part of the charm of having a Christiania trike is that the transportation in itself becomes an adventure.

The main advantage of the Christiania bike is that it is light, easy to ride, the box is super versatile and adapts to every family’s need, with the removable seating it takes no time to turn the bike into a playpen or bed for tired cargonauts.>

Even with all this space and seating options, it’s still one of the smallest and lightest cargo trikes available.

No secret it’s not like riding a standard bike, you need to turn the box to turn, so it takes a few rides to get to know the bike, but after that it will become as easy as riding any other bike and soon you will notice and appreciate all the benefits of the Christiania design, the tight turning circle, how easy it is to lift over steps, the riding position over pedals so less energy is needed to move forward, stiffness and lightness of the aluminium frame also results in a lighter and easier ride. The angled large front wheels make the bike stable at speed and when cornering, exactly like a racecar…

The combination of the rideability, quality of components and versatility of the box, means people use the bike for longer rides and for many more years and purposes than first imagined. Not to mention all the happiness, exercise, fresh air, bike inspiration it creates and all the driving, parking, car servicing, that is being avoided. It is a sound and sensible investment.

Model Light comes in 3 frame sizes, 3 box sizes, 3 box shapes and 6 colours, wheels can be 24” or 26”, there is 3 gear options, 3 brake options and 2 motor options, in the box there is 3 options for seating, 3 hood options (in 6 different colours) beside the standard then both box and frame can be painted in almost any colour or shape, for any need or purpose, so we’re confident we can supply a bike that suits you and your family too.


Frame: Aluminium, anodised matt black
Box: 9 mm. marine ply
Rims: Aluminium, double bottomed 24”
Tyres: Schwalbe Big Apple
Gear: 8 speed Shimano Nexus
Brakes:Front: Disc brakes with parking brake
Back: Shimano coaster or roller brake
Lock: An Abus lock can be fitted to the frame (optional accessory)
Frame: 17”, 18,5” or 20”
Box: L: 90, W: 63, H: 55/36 cm.
Box colour: Red, yellow, pale blue or gloss black
Capacity: box: 100 kg, bike total: 250 kg.
Weight: 31 kg.
Size: L: 208, W: 88, H: 110




*Specifications correct at the time of publishing. Manufacturer may replace some parts due to availability
Calculated Shipping Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 208 × 88 × 62 cm

Hydro Disc Front Brakes

Box Colour

Light Blue, Black, Red, Yellow


8 Speed Nexus Hub

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