About Pendix e-Bike Conversion Kits

Convert your favourite bike into an electric bike by retrofitting it with a Pendix eBike drive – the high-performance German engineered e-bike kit technology now available at Cargocycles!

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Pendix eDrive lets you decide when your bike becomes an eBike. With a flick of a switch go up hills with motor support or just use your own muscle power. Though you'll really appreciate some pedal-assist power on the way to work (no more sweating), popping down the shops in a hurry or if you're struggling to pedal your box cargo bike with two kids on board.

The Pendix eDrive consists of the battery (ePower) and the motor (eMachine) and can be fitted to practically any style of bike or frame type. And if you want to upgrade your bike after a few years, the Pendix can easily be mounted on your new bike.

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The Pendix mid drive

  • Noiseless and maintenance-free system
  • Optimum mounting position on the bicycle due to mid-mounted motor
  • Water and dust resistant (International standard IP65)
  • Hardly noticeable pedalling resistance when the engine is switched off or the battery is flat
  • Can be combined with all gear and brake systems

The Pendix ePower battery

The Pendix eDrive is available with two battery options - ePower300 and ePower500. Charging is also easy – with just one movement of your hand, you release the battery from the holder on the bicycle frame. The battery unit is simply placed on the included power station and your Pendix eDrive is ready for use in no time. Battery charge is indicated by an LED ring of lights on top of the battery, so you'll know how much charge you have left when you're riding.


With three levels of assist; Eco, Smart and Sport, available on the battery unit's beautifully shaped rotary selector, you can quickly and precisely select how much power you need.

Call into the Cargocycles shop or call us on 03 9042 9058 to discuss retrofitting a Pendix eDrive system to your bike.

Fitting is available to most bikes from $300 or free if you buy a new bike at the same time. The Pendix system can only be supplied and fitted by a registered Pendix Dealer.

Learn more about Pendix here.

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