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Why rent if you can own it for less with a GreenRoad Loan?


Cargocycles now offer the GreenRoad Loan as a payment option for any of our ebikes and cargo bikes. It’s a great offer from the TMCU who want to support the transition to more sustainable transport solutions. Read the Information provided before deciding if this is the right payment option for you.



What is GreenRoad?

The GreenRoad is a loan from Transport Mutual Credit Union (TMCU) that finances electric or hybrid vehicles, including cargo bikes and electric bikes, as well as the means to sustainably power them. The GreenRoad loan features include no ongoing fees, a low variable interest rate, and the ability to make extra repayments at any time.

Loans for an electric bike or electric cargo bike

The minimum loan amount is $1000 for a period of up to 7 years – and if you sign up through Cargocycles, TMCU will waive their normal establishment fee. A two-year plan for a really high-quality electric cargo bike such as the Benno Boost allows you to ride for just $75/week. At the end of the two year period you own the bike outright with no additional fees.

Contact us first to receive a quote for your dream bike and accessories and then apply for the full amount as the loan and we will give you a code to use during the application.

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