Today was a bit of an adventure !!!

9.00 am start Alexandra to Yea knowing it was going to be an uphill challenge… Baz and Graham were up for it and they completed the 6km climb comfortably… Baz waited for Graham at the summit before carrying on for the rest of the 40 km trip.

Half of the trip today was on uphill gradients which were tough on Graham and as Baz said to me let him get on with it he is an amazing Lycra guy and I  could relax as Baz took the strain.

We met 7 cyclists on the trail…positively busy compare to the 2 previous days.

As we left Alexandria I noticed a sign for the racecourse. Could not miss having a look.

Rocked up and met Neil Robinson… aka Robbo…cutting the grass on the golf course inside the course. Turned off the engine on his tractor…had a good chat and when we said cheerio he was heard to say “piss off you bastards I can’t start the mower now”… he did seem to have a smile on his face. I think !!!

Cyclists on the trail

Next rest stop we met Robert an ex-pat from London who seemed lost but we helped him out.

He was a most interesting guy who willingly shared his thoughts on the fact that Boris Johnson was a tosser as PM of the UK… I totally agree !!!

Interesting guy who is closely involved in the COVID infection programme in Australia trying to ensure we are all kept safe.

He also pointed us in the right direction to get a coffee and egg and bacon role down the track at Molesworth.

There we met the delightful Vikki… she told us she had been there for 25 years… I said she must have seen lots of changes… She said no there hasn’t been any at all !!! We had a great brunch.

Rolling into Yea

We rolled into Yea met the support crew and wandered into Yea to look around.

Within minutes Steve the Manager of The Yea Winery,Cidery and Brewery dragged us into his outlet for a most entertaining and alcoholic tasting session…we walked out with a case of his fine wines.

Steve was also very entertaining and most interesting…he is also the Captain of the local Country Fire Authority…a most important position in the local community.He was also a very nice bloke.

Dinner at night in a local hostelry and we met Andrew and Annie… Andrew is a country singer/musician  who also rides a Harley and was most interested in our bike trip and Baz in particular…maybe there may be a song composed about Baz and Graham in the future.

Nice people along our route throughout the day but once again I have to say the star of the day for me was Baz the Bike with Graham a very close second for his magnificent effort on the day. Baz is the perfect companion to me.

We rode through the Cheviot Tunnel which is a significant part and feature of the rail trail…it was for me the most peculiar sensation as I felt no sense of balance and thought I would fall off Baz all the time….nothing to do with drink the night before and I managed to come through unscathed.

Once again the ride whilst challenging was a great experience surrounded by wonderful scenery with blue skies most of the day.A delightful and enjoyable Day 3.

Tomorrow is our last day from Yea to Talkarook which Graham and I are looking forward to.

Our support crew also seem to be having a great time too.


Brian and Graham