Two “oldish” blokes… One on a push bike and the other an electric bike.

Our journey runs from Mansfield west through the township of Yea to Tallarook and will include the Alexandria spur.

The Cast is as follows…

Graham Spaull – 78 years young – sponsored by Nike Lycra and Tahbilk wines – on the pushbike.

Brian Cottam – 73 years young – sponsored by Vinnies Op Shops – on the electric bike thank god.

Basil “The Bike” – the AVE SH11 Hybrid electric bike “driven by intelligence”… it will need to be as Brian has not properly ridden a bike for many years. Sponsored by Paul Mann who purchased his bike from Cargocycles, 176 Lygon Street, Brunswick East, Victoria.

Support Crew…

Bess Spaull and Denise Cottam… Assisted by Volkswagen and Brown Brothers Sparkling Wines.

Our Trail Journey… Monday 26th April through Thursday 29th.
Day1: Melbourne to Mansfield by car then Leg 1 Mansfield to Bonnie Doon on the bikes.
Day2: Bonnie Doon to Alexandria
Day3: Alexandria to Yea
Day4: Yea to Tallarook.

What’s it all about?

Seemed like a great idea of Graham’s who is an experienced and fit Lycra guy and Brian just happened to say without really thinking “I’ll do it with you” !!!

We intend to enjoy the multi-use trail through the Victorian High Country countryside…the varied attractions en route and the spectacular views along the way.

Brian would like to finish each day with not too sore a backside, walking relatively normally and a long cool beer.
Graham will undoubtedly finish each day with a laugh and a smile and enjoy a glass or two of fine wine.

Bess and Denise will no doubt regale us with tales of coffee shops and shopping around the local townships.

Basil “The Bike” will finish his days grateful the dead weight has been lifted from the saddle and hoping he was indeed “driven by intelligence” !!!

Great Victorian Rail Trail maps, images and essential travel information can be found in the one place at

For updates on the “oldish” blokes and Basil “The Bike’s” progress, we hope to complete a daily blog of the events and highlights for our record and anyone else that may be interested.
Not sure who may end up reading the blog but even before we start I know that Basil is going to be Brian’s best friend and saviour.

Many thanks to Paul Mann for the generous loan of his electric bike and for offering to assist a couple of dinosaurs with the blog record and circulation.

Watch this Space !!!
Brian and Graham.