Electric Bikes Melbourne

Cargocycles, home of electric bikes in Melbourne. We stock high-quality electric bikes from well known electric bike brands including AVE, Yuba, Dyson, Benno and lots more. These are bikes that you’ll actually use, that will get you there and back every day, will last for years and more importantly that you’ll love riding!

Melbourne is slowing increasing their adoption of e-travel in and around the city! With the recent addition of the branded Lime and Neuron e-scooters you can zip around ( up to 20Kmh ) the bike lanes, bike paths, shared paths and roads. This is great news for melbourne commuters! But did you know private e-scooters are illegal to ride in and around melbourne (source: vicroads.vic.gov.au ) if they can travel more than 20Km/h or have a motor with a maximum output of 200w or more?

E-bikes however, have a limit of 250watts output and a speed of 25Km/h. “An EPAC (electrically power-assisted cycle) is a safe alternative mode of transport to a manual bicycle or passenger car. An EPAC has power assistance that allows a bicycle rider to travel further and ride with less effort.” – vicroads.vic.gov.au

We love seeing e-bikes in and around Melbourne!

Cycling around melbourne on your e-bike, whether its just for fun, or your doing your shopping or picking the kids up with your cargo e-bike is a great way to get around. Many of our staff members here at Cargocycles commute from various parts of the city. Paul even rode in from Point Cook using the Bay Trail alongside the beach in Altona just a few weeks ago – read more about his journey in here.

Commuting to Melbourne on your e-bike is easier than you think! Especially during the summer!

What are the best e-bikes?

This is one of those questions where you’ll get a different answer from everyone. Our favourite e-bikes are the Ave, Dyson and Moustache

How much does an e-bike cost?

Again, you’ll get a different answer here depending on who you ask and where they shop. Like anything, there are cheap e-bikes out there. We like to only stock the best e-bikes, the kind that are reliable and won’t leave you stranded. Take a look at our e-bike category for the latest prices.

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