Riding a cargo bike normally isn’t considered a fast experience. And even though Melbourne cyclists are a polite bunch, it can sometimes suck being the slow truck on the highway.

Enter the Triobike Mono. A sleek streamlined bike that is engineered from ground up to be a fast cargo bike. So how does Trio bike achieve this functional juxtaposition of a bicycle? Let’s take a look:


The engineering of the bike is focused around speed. The front wheels are inclined to improve handling and stability. And the whole bike is designed to lean to the inside when turning. Just like on a road bike, having the rider’s mass lean into the turn increases stability, manoeuvrability, comfort and control.

Speaking of control, the Mono also comes with hydraulic brakes, letting you stop your bike cargo bike on a dime. Even with a full load at top speed, you can be confident that the heavy duty disc brakes will stop very quickly. The mono also comes with a parking brake as well. So the bike will stay in place when you’re loading or unloading kids or cargo.


Compared to a traditional bicycle, cargo bikes are pretty heavy. The bigger frame, extra wheels and components generally make for a bike that is harder to get going and handle. That’s why the weight of the Mono is really amazing. At just 31.5 kg it is one of the worlds lightest three-wheeled cargo bikes. The frame is aluminium and the cargo pod is a vacuum formed, single piece, ABS plastic.

Electric power

If you really want to get up to speed and spook some car drivers, then you’ll want the e-power electric drive systems. The powerful Brose Drive S mid drive motor, with 90 Nm of torque, makes hills and long distances ridiculously easy. The mono (along with other bikes with electric drive) all feature a bike computer that shows battery level, distance travelled and of course, your speed. All Tribike e-systems comply with EN 15194 standard.


Most of the time, cargo bikes are used for transporting kids, and if you want to go fast with kids on board, safety is absolutely paramount.

Back in 2004, Triobikes were the first cargo bike company to be safety tested by the Danish Consumer Agency. They were also the first bike company in the world to introduce 5-point seat belts. An intensive quality control check is standard on all Triobikes to ensure your cargo bike is assembled to perfection.

The cargo pod is crafted in one seamless piece to be tough and safe. The one piece construction is super tough yet has excellent energy absorption during an impact.  Inside the pod there is a PU foam to create a strong, but light, ‘sandwich’ construction for maximum passenger protection. And as we mentioned before, the bike features a 5 point safety harness.

The cargo pod comes with a removable hood which is fire tested and water resistant. A cool feature of the hood is that it has a small window on the back so you can see what your cheeky little monkeys are up to when you’re flying along the bike path. The hood even has a zip that you can open up and feed said monkeys.

The safety features of the mono goes beyond just crash safety. The materials used in the creation of the bike are free from heavy metals and harmful chemicals.

All of these features combined give you a bike that is not only spacious and safe, but also pretty quick and nimble.

Plus all the high quality componentry means that your maintenance isn’t any more complicated than a standard bicycle.

Speed aside, the Mono has other features which make an exceptional bike. Basically, “Wait there is more” *yes, yes, groan away*

  • Maintenance is minimal on the bike as it features standard bike componentry and sealed bearings.
  • The colour fast cargo box requires no maintenance and has a easy wipe off surface and a drain.
  • Even with its streamlined design the cargo barrier has an inner width of 72 cm.
  • All plastics are UV stable meaning no colour fading in the Australian sun.
  • A specially designed infant seat lets even the smallest kids ride.
  • Side pillows that let toddlers sleep/doze

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out what users like Maureen and Kim have to say:


Check out the Triobike mono below, or pop into our store anytime!