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ZeitLite e-bike kit

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ZeitLite Kit 33v/6.2A

Here at Cargocycles we work with lots of electric bike kits and systems. We found that we were often struggling to find a kit that was really light and simple and would work on basic bike frames, not just cargo bikes. anything from a singlespeed to a road bike, particularly where battery mounting options were limited.

So we commissioned our own kit using a special battery where through some fiendish trickery the cells are inserted into a conventional stainless steel drink bottle. At a quick glance that's what it looks like. There are two battery sizes, with a correspondlingly larger range from the bigger battery. Because the battery is so small and light you can take it with you when you leave your bike unattended. 

Expect around 30km range with the smaller battery.

There is an LCD display included with the kit that allows you to see speed, battery charge and choose the level of pedal assist you require while you ride.

The ZeitLite kit will work well with most bikes even the small frame Boda Boda. Call us to discuss, we can fit the kit for you of course if you wish.

So if you have a simple bike that you want to convert to an electric bike the ZeitLite kit is a great solution.