Have you ever wondered what this cargo bike thing is all about but want to hire a bike to see if you like it? Do you want to check to see how a cargobike will fit in your shed or down your path? Well now you can. Cargocycles have an excellent range of cargo bikes and electric bikes ready to rent for a day or a weekend.

Riding a cargo bike is not difficult. The closest analogy would be driving a small truck when you are used to a standard sized car. As long as you take it easy it’s fun and you’ll be amazed at how much you can move around. If you have two kids to move then any of the bikes will cope with that. Three little monkeys and a pet dog, you’ll need a box trike.

We have a special offer available for renters…

If you decide to purchase a Yuba, Benno, Trio, Muli or Babboe bike within 4 weeks of renting a bike from us, then we will take the price of your rental off the purchase price of your new bike!

The Cargocycles Cargo Bike Rental and Hire Fleet

Rates: from $100 per day

Rental conditions and 100 point ID required: Drivers licence, passport etc.) Please bring with you when you want to rent.

Lock included. Helmet hire also available. 

Find out more about individual bikes by clicking on pics below.

New rentals website coming soon, please call or email our East Brunswick store until then.