Triobike Electric

Hooray! trioBikes have arrived at Cargocycles in East Brunswick.

Uber cool, Danish designed cargo bikes brand trioBike have the ideal transportation solution for urban families and commuters.

In Denmark cycling is a way of life and it's capital Copenhagen is one of the most bike friendly cities in the world with a flat terrain, an extensive network of bike lanes and car-free zones. This has lead Denmark to becoming a world leader in bike design and innovation. With brightly coloured and accessorised bikes, trioBike really stand out from the other traditional Danish cargo bike companies and since 2004 have been producing cargo bikes that give urban hipster families the greener, healthier choice.

Recently trioBike have launched a new generation of bikes – they have not one, but a series of cargo bikes to satisfy the needs of different riders. As well as a groovy 3-wheeled pod bike for carrying the kids in style, and a larger box bike that can carry four children, they have a super-slick series of 2-wheeled cargo bikes for hardcore couriers or lovers of performance bikes – no kids required.  Sammy Eisinger, the trioBike founder designed the trioBike range to suit cyclists in urban environments around the world with three values in mind – smart, simple & safe. And the trioBike models are no more complicated than a standard 2 wheeled bike so the bikes are easy to service no matter where in the world you live. Bearings are sealed, keeping water, dust and dirt out of the crank box and gear, making the bike almost maintenance free. Award winning, beautifully designed trioBike cargo bikes are among the lightest, safest and most user friendly cargo bikes on the market. (good job Sammy).

With on-trend accessories – seats, hoods, side panels – and the coolest logo of all the cargo bike companies, this brand is definitely for the rider who wants to look good while getting there – (hipster beards and tight trousers optional).

Available in Australia through Cargocycles in Melbourne and through our dealer network – get in touch regarding stock levels or to test ride.

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