Before starting Cargo Cycles, we imported two sample cargo bikes for evaluation. We kept one and sold the other – Brian was the lucky buyer.
There were a few components that we wanted to change, and we upgraded the sample bikes to be as close as possible to the production spec. Unfortunately the sample bikes’ front brakes couldn’t be upgraded, so they retained the original front caliper brake for some time before they could be upgraded to the more powerful V-brake of the production bikes.

Brian makes the following comments:

I’ve had the cargo bike for 2 months now. I use it every weekend. My 2 young kids love going in it. We travel about 20km most weekends. The bike is very easy to handle and balance. My wife hasn’t ridden a bike for 4 years and she managed to take it for a quick ride. If you often ride a bike you will have no problem with this bike. It isn’t slow to ride either. I ride a fairly good road bike to work (70km round trip). I’ve actually taken this cargo bike for a 70km ride with a full load. It only made about 50 minutes difference over that 70km. On the flat it goes great. The hills are a lot harder of course.


– Easy to handle
– Great storage
– 2 seat belts (3 point harness)
– Easy to assemble
– The Stand makes for safe loading on/off
– Rear brake light
– 8 Speed
– I would buy it again.


– Front brake is not strong enough. I believe this is being addressed. I’ve replaced the front brake pads $30 and it makes a difference
– With the rear lock on there is very little clearance with the standard tyres. I’ve taken the lock off, but I could have put a smaller rear tyre on.