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Solarbike Complete Conversion Kit Mk2 - 36V 11Ah Tube Battery


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 This is the new Mark2 kit from Solarbike. It is a front wheel drive electric bicycle conversion kit for converting a standard road or mountain bike to electric power. It contains long lasting, high quality components and includes a 12 month warranty on all parts including the battery pack. The kits are available in powers of 200W, 250w, 350W and 500W (Watt) for 26" or 700c rims. The kits include all of the components listed below. The new kits feature a higher spec Alex Rim and stainless spokes. Some of the motors also include disc brake mounts.


  • Motor in rim
  • 36V 10Ah lithium ion battery (LiFePO4)
  • 36V lithium ion battery charger
  • Custom double layered lockable battery rack
  • Controller
  • Twist throttle
  • Thumb throttle
  • Torque bar


This kit contains everything you could need, and some extras, to convert a regular adult bike into an electric bike. Its key feature is the very hiqh quality super long life 10Ah lithium iron phosphate battery that we've put through extensive testing. The hub motors that come with this kit have high torque and are able to withstand very rough treatment for years.

All motor powers look exactly the same and cannot be told apart. It is the coiling within the motors and the motor controller that regulate the level of power. This is our most highly recommended kit for a long lasting and high performance electric bicycle that we will fully support for years to come. You need a strong set of forks to safely install this kit on your bicycle. Ensure you install a torque bar. Steel forks are best, Chro-moly the best choice. Don't install it on aluminium or carbon fibre forks. If you are unsure then see if a fridge magnet sticks to the forks, if it sticks then you'll be ok. These kits come with a 1yr warranty against any product failure and assistance via phone or email is free for forever. Approximate ranges and speeds of this kit with light pedalling are:

  • 200W: 40 km range, 28km/hr top speed
  • 350W: 35 km range, 32 km/hr top speed
  • 500W: 28 km range, 35 km/hr top speed