For a kid, bicycles can be a tricky things to get into. Gears, pedals handlebars and the ever present gravity all ready to catch you up and faceplant you into the ground. Plus no one wants to be ‘that kid’ who learnt to ride their bike last. Balance bikes are a fair bit easier, but still have a learning curve. Especially for the child that isn’t too confident yet.

Scooters however, are much more intuitive. Your hands go here and your feet go there and off you go. Kids can start off as fast or as slow as they like and can stop a lot easier than on bikes. Most of them are zooming around in no time.


There are even 3 wheeled scooters, that are easier to learn on. They have the additional feature of standing up on their own when not in use, so mounting and dismounting is even easier.

Being able to run around on a scooter let’s younger kids keep up with their siblings and friends. Which can mean a massive boost in confidence, especially with the younger ones of the group.

But they’re still learning the hand eye coordination and mechanics of controlling a vehicle. As well as learning about themselves.

Like with anything, there are tons of brands out there. So how do you choose which one to go with for your child?

We’ve gone through a fair few scooter brands in our time and we are absolutely in love with Micro Scooters. They’re exceptionally designed and very well built. And strike that good balance between fun and aesthetics and solid engineering.

Parents’ who’ve purchased Micro Scooters for their kids or themselves (there is a huge adult range available) have come back with excellent feedback on the scooters build quality and also how long they last as well.

Designed and engineered in Switzerland, the build quality and safety of the scooters are absolutely top notch. Almost all the parts are screwed together which makes repairing and replacing the scooters very straightforward. It also means that recycling and disposing of broken is also easy for recycling plants.

All Micro Scooters also come with a manufacturers guarantee for two years after purchase. Each scooter has a serial number printed on the product, allowing tracing of product and its history.

We’ve got a wide range of Micro Scooters and accessories in our store and online. Check out our product range below:

  • Micro Scooter – Micro Maxi Deluxe Pro

  • Micro Scooter – Micro Maxi Deluxe – Green

  • Micro Scooter – Micro Maxi Deluxe – Red

  • Micro Scooter – Micro Maxi Deluxe – Blue

  • Micro Scooter – Micro Maxi Deluxe – Aqua

  • Micro Scooter – Micro Maxi Deluxe – Pink

  • Micro Scooter – Micro Maxi Deluxe – Purple

  • Micro Scooter – Micro Maxi Deluxe (LED) – Purple

  • Micro Scooter – Mini2Go Deluxe Plus

  • Micro Scooter – Micro Mini Classic

  • Micro Scooter – Sprite Deluxe

  • Micro Scooter – Black (Adult)