eZee Sprint Alfine 8 Gen 3


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The eZee Sprint makes choosing an electric bike easy. Unmatched value and performance, perfect comfort and balance, step through frame, high quality and low maintenance components and the e-bike of choice for the City of Sydney Council, Marrickville Council, Sydney Festival, the Watershed Cargo Bicycle Library and a growing host of food delivering restaurants.

The question is – why wouldn’t you want to ride a Sprint?

The eZee Sprint is a perfect all-rounder electric bicycle. With a comfortable step through frame providing an upright sitting position and plenty of user-friendly features, this bicycle will make cycle commuting, shopping and city riding hassle free.

The Generation III version offers several updates over the hugely popular Generation II, including

  • Torque sensing bottom bracket
  • Smooth delivery of pedal assistance, much like a Bosch MidDrive
  • Throttle controlled assistance
  • Eight gradual levels of assistance, so the speed jump between settings is more user friendly
  • New LCD display with built in speedometer (freeing up the handlebar)
  • NO effect to shifting gears while using pedal assistance
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