Dyson Hard Tail Evo 8 Speed


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The Dyson Hard Tail Evo alloy frames are extremely solid, well well-balanced and offer optimised ride geometry for comfort and safety on long and short trips alike.

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The Dyson Hard Tail Evo alloy frames are extremely solid, well well-balanced and offer optimised ride geometry for comfort and safety on long and short trips alike.

The Dyson Hard Tail Evo offer a choice of 14Ah or 17.5Ah batteries. Most of the cabling is hidden and the battery forms a part of the frame, making these bikes look very much like traditional mountain bikes.

Quality components

It is easy to make a bike cheaper by using cheaper components and smaller-capacity batteries, but Dyson prefers to spend a little more to make something that will last and be reliable. Dyson uses Tektro brake components, stainless steel spokes, lock-on grips, a sensitive motor controller filled with resin to prevent moisture entry, and Shimano gear sets and quality bearings to name just a few examples.

Designed in Australia for Australians. This translates to a comfortable riding position and smooth consistent assistance from our unique LPC motor and control systems.


– The battery is the powerplant of any e-bike. Dyson uses high-quality fully protected Lithium-Ion batteries and you have a choice of either 14 Amp Hour or 17.5 Amp Hour capacities. The 14 Ah battery should give you around 70-80km range and the 17.5 Ah can provide over 100km.

– Dyson’s tried and tested motors are reliable, super-quiet and have the grunt to move you and your gear. While complying with all Australian legal road use requirements, their high torque performance ensures fast acceleration and smooth hill climbing. The motors are fitted with an 8-speed Shimano cassette for slick and snappy gear changes with efficient power transmission. They are maintenance-free and fully sealed, requiring no user service.

-Linear Power Control, (LPC) for smooth, consistent power. With Dyson Bikes’ unique LPC design, the power output of the bike remains consistent in levels 1-5 regardless of the battery voltage and meets the requirements of Australian Standard AS 15194:2016, (EN15194:2009, MOD).

– Safety features are extremely important and you can be assured of confident and controlled stopping power with our disc brakes with large 180mm rotors. The premium brake levers also have integrated power cut-outs to immediately turn off motor power once a brake has been applied.

– Dyson’s upright riding position and higher and wider handlebars provide you with an extremely comfortable ride, even when tackling longer distances. This increases rider alertness and awareness and also makes for a safer and more responsive ride experience. A properly designed ergonomic ride position also reduces aches and pains, increasing ride enjoyment.

– The electronic control system is precision-engineered and designed for performance, reliability and easy operation. You simply select the amount of motor assistance from 0 to 6 and pedal – it’s that simple. The control system will automatically apply the right amount of power to the motor. Once you stop pedalling or apply brakes, the motor assistance stops automatically. If you can ride a bike, you can ride a Dyson Bikes e-bike!


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