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Is it the hills that stop you from riding a bike? Or maybe it’s because you don’t have the space to store one?

The Dyson Adventure Folding electric bike combines the storage benefits of a folding e-bike with the ride comfort and usability of the larger wheels.

With the option of the standard 26″ wheels, or the smaller 24″ wheels it suits riders of all heights.

This model has been updated to include a new lighter Hard Tail design and a more powerful 250 Watt motor. Finished in a satin black or matte orange colour with minimal graphics this e-bike is loved by all… what colour are you?

Things you’ll love:

The Adventure Folding electric bike has a removable 12.8AH 36-volt lithium-ion battery pack cleverly integrated into the alloy frame.

The battery can be easily removed in about 30 seconds – simply open the hinge, fold the bike and then slide the battery out. Charge the battery using the included 240V charger (either on the bike or after you’ve removed it).

The motor is controlled by the inbuilt computer which senses the revolutions of the crank, so the faster you pedal the more it ‘helps’ you along by using the electric motor to spin the rear wheel for you. For your safety, the motor assistance cuts out as soon as you pull either brake level or stop pedalling.

The major feature of this e-bike is that it easily folds for storage and transport. You do not need any special tools – you simply release the locking mechanism with your hands and then fold the bicycle!  Once folded, the bike will fit easily in most vehicles.

Dyson folding e-bikes are ideally suited to city commuters, apartment dwellers or travellers who like to store their bikes in their cars or vans.

Calculated Shipping Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 1800 × 1800 × 1800 cm




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