A cargo bike is the ultimate vehicle for short distance local transport. Think how easy it would be to visit your local supermarket, park right outside the door and load your shopping straight in. Well you can with a cargo bike. We bring a century old Dutch and Danish concept to Australia. Load the kids, load the shopping and go cargo biking!
Half of all car journeys taken in Australian cities are under 5km. While many of these journeys could be taken by bicycle, there’s often a need to carry more luggage, children or other cargo than a conventional bike can comfortably carry. A cargo bike is easy to ride, strong and will make trips around your neighbourhood a lot more fun.

Cargo bikes have been used for more than a century in Northern Europe. The Dutch call this type of bike a “bakfiets” (“bak” means box; “fiets” means bike). In Denmark, a cargo bike is called a “ladcykel” (load-cycle).
From their origins in Amsterdam and Copenhagen, bakfietsen have gained popularity in throughout Western Europe and are now attracting a cult following in parts of the USA. Now bakfietsen have arrived in Australia.
If you are looking for a solution to enable you to lose that second car (or first) a cargobike may just be the answer. If you have any questions please just ask via our contact us page and we’ll do our best to answer them quickly.
Take a look at the cargobikes we have to offer, they’re great to use as utility bicycles and work cycles as well.

New to Cargocycles

We now stock the mighty Yuba Mundo utility bike, as well as a range of new electric bikes, including the eZeebike Electric Bike range and the Wisper Electric Bike range.