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Etility Design is at the heart of every Benno e-bike. It’s what makes them different. A typical e-bike offers a nice ride, but not much utility. A cargo e-bike carries heavy loads but can be difficult to handle. Benno believes what people really need is an everyday e-bike that offers the best of both worlds. Awesome agility with the ability to carry exactly what you need. People say it’s like having an e-bike with a hatchback. That’s Etility.

Meet Benno - the brains behind the brand

Learn a bit about the Benno Baenziger story in this video below. A man of great passion for making bikes that work.

More Like Your Car’s Boot

These water-resistant, oversized Benno Utility Pannier Bags are designed to be used like your car boot. Simply drop in your backpack, grocery bags, boxes or other oversized items and secure them with our adjustable strap system. Depending on the size of the item, you can close the bag or keep the cover open for the load to extend out.

benno pannier bags pair grey2

Fits Two Full Grocery Bags

Our large capacity, super durable bag fits perfectly in our Utility Front Tray. With its simple fold-over design it can help you carry and secure a variety of different loads. It will easily hold two fully packed grocery bags or a large backpack. If you prefer to use it more like a basket, simply roll down the sides and keep it open on top.

benno bag grey

Supersize Your Rack

Carry and secure even larger loads with our new, easy-to-mount Extension Rails for the Utility Rear Racks. The Platform Rail extends the rack deck into an extra-large platform, while the High Rail adds more railing to help keep your cargo in place.

high platform rail black grey

A Stable Ride Under Load

Our specially designed Utility Front Tray can carry up to 20lbs/10kg and with its open front you can transport even larger items, taking care to fasten them securely. This heavy-duty tray mounts to the front of the frame so it won’t affect steering balance, letting you carry loads effortlessly while enjoying a stable ride.

benno front tray black grey2
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