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California's coolest cargos, Yuba Bikes are available at Cargocycles in Melbourne and via our stockists Australia wide. We love them and know you will too. Check out the Yuba HQ website too.

Like your favourite bike with a bit more carrying capacity, a Yuba bike takes you from A to B, makes you a more healthy and environmentally friendly citizen of the world, but with the added benefit of superior carrying capacity! A Yuba lets you carry practically anything – kids, dogs, boxes, shopping, surfboards, etc – with its endless configurations for creative schlepping.

The Yuba brand was founded by Benjamin Sarrazin, a family man and entrepreneur with a love of the outdoors who has made it his mission to bring the ubiquitous European cycling lifestyle to the world. Benjamin grew up on two wheels in Strasbourg, France and eventually furthered his love for the beautiful machines by working in Germany’s prestigious bicycle industry. An avid kayaker, Benjamin’s introduction to California came from his summers kayaking The Yuba River—yes, that’s exactly where the company got its name. Once in the US, it didn’t take Benjamin long to notice the environment around him was under stress. With this, his life’s work was defined: take action against environmental degradation, build community, and repair a vehicle dependent society—his answer: the almighty bicycle. This is how Yuba came to be. And today, the culture at Yuba is synonymous with the culture of riding bicycles, in addition to an unwavering commitment to family.

Benjamin and his Yuba dudes exist to lead, inspire, educate, and share the power of a healthy, sustainable way of life, via two wheels. They feel that joy, pride, and possibility strike the perfect balance when carrying whatever you want, wherever you want, with your own horsepower. Try it. Perhaps you’ll agree. Experience the affordable, functional, fun freedom of an awesome Yuba bike customised just for you at Cargocycles!

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