How would you like free tickets to the biggest electric vehicle expo in Australia? Keep reading to find out.

Every year in March, Renew runs an Electric Vehicle Expo that showcases the latest and best in electric vehicles.

And we’re going to be there! Yup, your favourite cargo bike retailer is going to be exhibiting at the Expo. We’ll have electric versions of our most popular cargo bikes for you to see and try out. Like the Babboe Dog and the Yuba Electric Supermarche, Electric Boda Boda and Spicy Curry.

  • Yuba Electric Supermarché

  • Babboe Dog Electric Cargo Bike


There is a lot to see and do at the expo, so can send the family off to ogle at Tesla’s while you drool over our awesome electric bikes. Or check out the Tesla’s yourself – whatever.

There is a ton of stuff that you can do at the Expo like:

  • See Wiebe and the blue beetle: Wiebe Wakker has driven his electric car from Netherlands to Australia! And it’s not a new car either. It’s a professional conversion of an existing Volkswagen station wagon. You’ll get a chance to hear him speak about his journey, experiences and challenges of driving a converted electric car from Europe to Australia. Learn more about Wiebe here. 
  • Test drive electric cars: There will be a range of converted and brand new electric vehicles that you can test drive on the day. From sedans to SUVs sports cars.
  • See other modes of transport: You’ll be able to check out other electric vehicles (Like our awesome electric cargo bikes perhaps?). It’s a great place to see what other electric vehicle innovations are taking place.
  • Listen to talks etc about electric cars: Want to build your own electric car? Need advice on buying an electric vehicle? There will be a range of talks and seminars on everything to do with electric vehicles.

It does cost to get into the expo, but, if you’re quick enough you can win some free tickets, courtesy of us!

Simply email with your name and phone number to get your hands on a ticket. We’ll arrange to get the tickets to you
That’s it! First in Best dressed!

Check out our range of electric bikes below. Some of these will be on display at the expo: