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Car E-Bike Battery Charger 12V

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E-bike car charger

This charger uses your car or vehicle's 12V cigarette lighter socket to charge your 36V lithium polymer e-bike battery. Suitable for all eZeebike and Wisper batteries with the exception of the Wisper 805 folding e-bike. Suitable for the eZee Quando folding electric bike.

This is the perfect travellers companion to allow e-bike battery charging from a motorhome. This is a 2A, 40V charger and will require up to 8A current draw from your 12V vehicle system. Unless you have a special purpose or robust vehicle battery system, it is recommended to use this charger while the engine is running (eg while you're driving) or the battery may be drained flat.

This battery charger is made by industry leader High Power, one of the only manufactures of C-tick approved, fan-cooled and aluminium cased electric bike battery chargers.

This battery charger is also one way to solar charge your electric bicycle's battery from a standard 12V solar system consisting of a 12V nominal solar panel, charge regulator and 12V battery with cigarette socket style output. Then simply plug this charger into the main battery to charge your electric bike battery. As above, the system will need to be able to produce up to 8A at 12V. The system will work most efficiently if you can charge your electric bike battery while the sun is shining. Otherwise it is recommended that a battery of at least 12V 80Ah is used in the solar system.