Cargocycles is proud to take part in this year's Ride2Work Day on Wednesday, October 18th! Ride along with us – the Cargocycles team will all be cargo biking to work!

Cycling to work is such a good thing – it improves your health, saves time, saves money and it’s good for the environment. It makes commuting safer as it gets cars off the roads and it has even been found to increase your productivity! We’d love to see lots of other fantastic cargo bikers out on the streets on the 18th. If you miss us on your commute you can still share your experience with us on Facebook or Insta. How many k’s do you do on your commute? Where do you park your cargo bike at work? And what cargo are you carrying?

The National Ride2Work Day is Australia’s largest celebration of commuter riding and is organised by the Bicycle Network. Held annually in October, the day celebrates the benefits of riding to work and brings together the communities that support it. The main objective of the day is to normalise the idea of riding to work and encourage people who have never ridden to work before to give it a go. It also allows regular riders to stay motivated and encourages their work mates to get involved. You can register for the event and find out where to get a free biker's brekkie here

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