The Cargocycles workshop team were super busy this week. One of the bikes delivered was this Yuba Boda V3 with a mid drive Lekkie Summit system. This features very smooth power delivery with gear shift sensing (so the power is momentarily removed as you shift). The battery is easily removable and mounted as low as possible in the frame with a custom bracket fabricated in house.

It turns a Boda V3 into a total car replacement. Load it up and make it work!

Why Lekkie? Here are some of the reasons we like.

Mid drive motor – The Summit System

  • A mid drive system has the advantage of driving through the bicycle gears. This allows for a greater torque and speed range. Great for people who want to ride as fast as possible or climb as steep as possible. Also it can fit to a wider range of bikes.
  • More technical ride, gear changing is still needed for best performance.
  • Suits bikes with internal hub gears.
  • Suits all wheel sizes.
  • Motor weight is kept central in the frame.
  • Keep original wheels.
  • Greater top speed and climbing ability.

At Cargocycles we have the ability to build the custom cargo bike of your dreams. Talk to us, we are happy to give you no obligation, free advice. We've powered up many cargo bikes over the years, we have a good idea about what works and what doesn't for all types of cargo bikes.

Gear shift sensor

Battery mounted nice and low to keep centre of gravity low.

Custom-made battery bracket