Don’t leave your best friend behind when heading out on your bike – take him with you! Cargocycles have got some great transport solutions for carrying dogs on bikes and have even got some bikes specially designed for carrying four-legged friends.

Up front in a basket

Small dogs are often happy in a front basket like George the Cairn terrier in the Yuba Bread Basket of a Yuba bike. Tether your small dog’s harness to a basket frame with a small lead or carabiner to avoid them jumping out when passing dogs on the footpath or their favourite park. The Yuba Bread Basket is designed for strength and holds up to 25kg and bolts directly to the frame of Yuba Bikes. It is extremely stable while riding because it doesn’t turn with the handlebars. Suitable for all Yuba models. The basket comes with a liner with pocket (great for stashing cargo net or your bike lock keys while riding) and cargo net is also included. 

If your dog is little, try a traditional cane or wicker basket – we have some Dhvani baskets in stock if you like that retro Toto from the Wizard of Oz look.


Alternatively, the front carrier on the Muli cargo bikes fold away when not in use and makes an excellent dedicated basket for a small to medium dog:



Sidecar style

A pannier can hold a small dog for short trips – Yuba’s Baguette Panniers are tough and quite rigid and there will still be room for kids sitting on the back or even another dog if you have two panniers fitted. Or fashion a custom made box for your dogs, like this one on a Yuba Spicy Curry which has a 150kg carrying capacity.

Dog in a box

Box bikes are ideal for dogs as well as kids and shopping. If your dog is small enough to lift in and out, or if you have an agile pooch they’ll be happy to jump in and out unassisted from most box style cargo bikes. 

Try the Triobike mono or Babboe City or a Christiania 

If you have a bigger dog like a Labrador, Golden Retriever or your very own Beethoven or Marmaduke or an older dog who’s not as agile as he used to be, a box bike with a low centre of gravity or easy access with a dog door or gate is perfect.
Try the Yuba Supermarché or the Babboe Dog Cargo Bike – specially designed for big dogs.