SOLD: Check out this awesome custom Donky bike! A cross between your favourite Tonka truck and a BMX, the Donky Cargo Bike is the tough, no frills cargo carrier. While it doesn't have the sleek thoroughbred looks of some bikes, it's more a hard-working pack-horse built for work and a sight cheaper than other cargo bikes out there. This Donky Bike is designed to be ridden easily and safely with whatever you need to take with you. Cargo load is carried on the frame, not the handlebars, so the steering and handling is light and balanced. IMG_2927 Donky-features
  • 3 speed Sturmey Archer maintenance-free hub gears & gear selector
  • 3 piece BMX crank
  • Super beefy BMX wheels
  • Easy to maintain powerful V brakes
  • Heavy duty racks
  • Pick up from East Brunswick only.