BH Electric Bikes

BH Emotion is a Spanish bike company with a history that dates back to 1909. They have a focus on light weight and technological solutions to win races. In more recent years they have invested massively in integrated electric bike technology developing a range of stylish, functional and lightweight bicycles that look better than most electric bikes and have their batteries hidden within the frame. Not only that they also have regenerative motor technology that kicks in automatically when braking so that the battery can be charged a little as you slow down.

BH Emotion bikes are electric bicycles equipped with the latest pedal-assist technology. They are a means of transportation that gives you more independence and mobility in the city. It's a fun way to start cycling if you are new to it, and get you involved in a group sport activity. It is friendly to the environment, healthy, easy to use and the electric parts are maintenance-free so it's really no harder to maintain than a conventional bicycle.

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