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Babboe Dog Electric Cargo Bike


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The Babboe Dog E Power - the electric cargo bike to transport your dog or other pets!

With the Babboe Dog E Power, Babboe responds to the increasing demand for high-quality, reasonably priced cargo bikes with assisted pedaling. Tackling longer distances, climbing hills and gradients with the Babboe Dog E cargo bike will be a breeze.

The dedicated Dog box features a fold down seat to carry up to 2 additional human passengers, or any smaller breeds that want a boost up so they can also enjoy the wind in their fur.

There is also a variety of mounting points to secure any precious cargo.

The front of the box also folds down to make it easier to get in and out for the smaller or less agile passengers.

Cargo Bike model

Three Wheels


7 Speed derailleur

Number of children

1 - 2


Cargo Bike: length 217 cm - width 88 cm - height 110 cm
 Box: length 90 cm - width 58 cm - 53 cm height


Drum and roller

Tyre size

26 x 2.125 inch rear wheel and 20 x 2.125 inch front wheels

Load capacity

Up to 100 kg


Abus ring lock

Spokes / Rims

Extra sturdy spokes


LED lights front (two headlights) and one rear light


Size: 50" extra sturdy powdercoated

Colour of the Box


Material of the Box

European (Latvian) Birch concrete plywood. The panels are composed of 9 layers of birch veneer of which one in every two layers is glued and finished with phenolic resin. The edges are treated with a crosscut wood sealant, giving the sheets a higher level of protection from the wet

Pedal assistance


Typ of Motor / Battery

Motor: 250W 24V
 Maintenance free battery: 36V 10.4A lithium-lon polymer


40-60 km - real range depends on the amount the battery is charged, the battery maintenance, tire pressure, the quality of the road/ terrain and the effort of the rider.

Charge the battery

Charge from completely empty to full in 4 hours

Other specifications

Fitted with anti-tip system
 One folding bench (for 2 children) in combination with dog
 2 three-point seat belts
 Saddle load of 100kg
 Steering dampers
 Handlebar in height adjustable